Our Heritage

Dominic Wolfe, one of our founders, has had an extensive range of experiences in cabinetry and woodworking for more than 20 years.

Following on from college, as a young apprentice at Nichollsons in Hereford, he deepened his love for wood craft by renovating antique Church Organs across some of the most historic parts of the UK.

By the time his apprenticeship had come to an end, he had developed a flair for residential design and was taken under the wing of Simon Oxford, at the renowned Oxford and King Kitchens, who he is still has a cherished friendship with today.

During these very fond years with Simon, he learnt not only the design process into bespoke kitchens, but how to craft these amazing works of art in their workshop and install on site; from head scratching challenges of complex storage solutions through to elite attention to detail on the finishing touches – important aspects you can only achieve when a craftsman truly worships his trade.

Now, as a family run empire, we are driving our aspirations forward to bring bespoke kitchens and furniture, unique to your lifestyle and crafted to your unique personality.